16 September 2014

Vertical Public Realms: Creating Urban Spaces in the Sky

Dr. Yuri Hadi, Leicester School of Architecture; Professor Tim Heath & Dr. Philip Oldfield, University of Nottingham

The resurgence of the ‘Streets in the Sky’ concept is driving the recent transformation of social and public spaces in vertical cities, with Asia leading...

16 September 2014

Solutions for Fire & Life Safety at Extreme Heights

Simon Lay, AECOM

The world currently only has two “megatall” buildings. However, more are planned and some potential schemes will push beyond “megatall” to “hyper-tall”. As construction technology...

16 September 2014

Integrating Vertical Cities and Transport Infrastructure

Shonn Mills, Abhijeet Kulkarni & James Clay, Ramboll

One of the key factors of success in sustainable urbanization is the integration of public transport. This paper explores the challenges and merits of integrating...

16 September 2014

Urban Redevelopment – The Key to Sustainable Future Cities

Stephan Reinke, Stephan Reinke Architects

Unlocking the potential of dormant quarters is a critical mission for the sustainability and design of our future cities. Successful Redevelopment requires vision, rigorously designed,...

16 September 2014

Vertical Reality – How To Design Viable Vertical Urbanism

Paul Scott, Make Architects

In many ways, the technical design of tall buildings is straightforward. The real challenge is how to create successful vertical urbanism that forms part of...

16 September 2014

Managing the Risk of Fire in Future Tall Building Environments

Russ Timpson, Horizonscan

As urban communities become more densely populated and emergency access potentially more problematic, there will be a growing need to address the risks associated with...