23 May 2022

6 Orsman Road, London, UK: Zero-Waste, Demountable Construction

Zero-waste construction is achieved on this six-story project through prefabrication of a steel post-and-beam system, with CLT floors and partitions, creating a building that can...

23 May 2022

Santander Bank, London: Raising Head Heights and Lowering Embodied Carbon

A system of steel columns and beams with shear studs, overlaid with CLT routed with grooves for composite action and a concrete topping slab cast...

23 May 2022

Steel and Mass Timber Hybrid Structures : The Opportunities in Tall Buildings

The European supply chain is pioneering alternative build systems utilizing mass timber across all building typologies and associated applications, from simple ‘beam and column frames’...

23 May 2022

Three London Projects: Reducing Carbon Footprint Via Smaller, Lighter Structural Grids

Retrofit/Refurbishment – Grand Union House: a three-story steel-timber hybrid framed extension on top of a traditional concrete structure; Riverside New Build: a 12-story steel-timber framing...

01 December 2021

The Making of 22 Bishopsgate

Gain an insider's perspective on 22 Bishopsgate, the second tallest building in London. The video provides insights on all stages of the process from key...

01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Kevin Flanagan

Pushing the Conceptual Limits of Mass Timber: The Oakwood Towers Series

26 June 2020

How Have We Adapted to Become Reslient During Our Toughest Time?

On Wednesday 17 June 2020, the CTBUH United Kingdom Chapter held its first virtual event, a panel discussion on resilience in a post-COVID world. The...

31 January 2019

UK Chapter: Smart Cities / Smart Buildings

Peter Murray | New London Architecture Simon Giles | Tyrens London Carolyn Dwyer | City of London Corporation David Nicholl | ABB Patrik Schumacher |...

22 October 2018

Polycentric vs. Monocentric: The Future of Vertical Urbanism?

Numerous cities are now developing along polycentric lines, with several urban “nodes” focused around tall building clusters that often compete for commerce, attention and investment...

31 May 2018

Advancing Computerized Wind-Loading Tests to the Next Level

Accurate analysis of the mean and resonant wind loads is vital for the structural design of tall buildings. Whereas physical Wind Tunnel Testing (WTT) to...