20 September 2021

How to Ensure Tall Buildings Are Built to Last?

Marc Easton, Arup

It has been said that the most sustainable type of building is one that has already been built and doesn’t have to be demolished and...

19 May 2021

Fitting Form to Future Office Functions: Perspectives of a CTBUH Awards Jury Chair

Earle Arney, Arney Fender Katsalidis

Beginning in 2021, CTBUH introduced a new set of “functional” subcategories to the Best Tall Building Award, including Office, Mixed-Use, and Residential/ Hotel, each reviewed...

01 March 2021

Estimating Door Open Time Distributions for Occupants Escaping from Apartments

Charlie Hopkin & Michael Spearpoint & Danny Hopkin, OFR Consultants; Yong Wang, The University of Manchester

The door open time, resulting from occupants evacuating from apartments, is an important parameter when assessing the performance of smoke ventilation systems in high-rise apartment...

23 September 2020

The Pandemic-Resilient Office Tower

Dan Kaplan & Sara Davis, FXCollaborative

This paper examines architectural design strategies to create a “Pandemic-Resilient Office Tower.” In addition to incorporating a suite of measures to impede the spread of...

01 August 2020

Better Public Spaces: Developing Environmental Guidelines for the City of London

Ender Ozkan, RWDI; Gwyn Richards, City of London

The City of London is expected to see a significant growth in the number of tall buildings in the next decade, with several tall buildings...

19 March 2020

How to Make a Tall Building “Drone-Ready”?

Emma Humphreys, Charles Russell Speechlys

Given the convergent trends of increasing commercial use of drones and flying taxis on the near horizon, and that of increased high-density vertical development occurring...