20 October 2003

Education to Meet the Needs of Disaster Managers and Engineers

Steve Bloomer & Brian Hobbs, University of Teesside

This paper focuses on the occurrence of emergency incidents, both natural and man-made disasters has increased steadily over the past three decades. In the specific...

20 October 2003

Predicting the Collapse Behaviour of Light Steel Floor Trusses in Fire

Ian Burgess, Seng-Kwan Choi & Roger J Plank, University of Sheffield

This paper investigates the performance of individual floor trusses of the type used at the World Trade Center using software developed over a number of...

20 October 2003

Advantages of Steel-Concrete-Steel Sandwich Construction in Highrise Buildings

R. Dixon & H.G. Bowerman, Corus Group

This paper describes the suitability of Steel-Constructed-Steel sandwich construction for cores in highrise buildings. Its proven performance under single event extreme loads and inherent resistance...

20 October 2003

"Pavements in the Sky": Use of the Skybridge in Tall Buildings

Antony Wood, University of Nottingham

Improved safety in tall buildings has become a major issue. The high level ‘skybridge’ – an old idea – is one solution which could be...

20 October 2003

Fire Engineering of Tall Buildings Lessons Learned from 9/11

Martin Kealy, WSP Group

This paper addresses two main areas of design; the passive protection of structure and the active protection systems used for escape and fire fighter access....

20 October 2003

New Research in the Understanding of Steel Frames in Fire and the Development of New Fire Engineered Solutions Applicable to Tall Buildings

Brian Kirby, Swinden Technology Centre

A major fire research programme has been carried out on an 8-storey composite steel frame involving natural fires. The test arrangements and results are described...