10 October 2004

Recent Activities on Earthquake Preparedness in Japan

Tsuneo Okada, University of Tokyo

First, the lessons on building performance from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster caused by the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake are reviewed and then, some of...

10 October 2004

A Simplistic or Holistic Approach to Structural Fire Engineering?

Colin Bailey, The University of Manchester

An elemental prescriptive approach, which is simplistic in nature, can be used to design buildings for structural fire safety. This paper presents the background to...

10 October 2004

An Evaluation on the Economics of Structural Floor System of Supertall Buildings

Sung-Woo Shin, Jong-Moon Ahn, Myung-Shin Choi, et al., Hanyang University

An economic analysis is one of the most dominant factors when determining the project feasibility of supertall building. In economic considerations, it is very important...

10 October 2004

Structural Design of the new Chinese Culture University Gymnasium Taipei, Taiwan

King-Le Chang, King-Le Chang & Associates; Stephen Huang, Jaelien Engineering Consultant

This paper explores the structural design of the new Chinese Culture University Gymnasium located in Taipei, Taiwan. The gymnasium complex consists of an eight stories...

10 October 2004

Study of Environmental Cognition and Life Domains of Residents of Super High-rise Condominiums

Hirotomo Ohuchi, Satoshi Yamada, Hironori Negoro, et al. Nihon University

This paper discusses the appropriate design for super high-rise condominium. The population of Tokyo, which had been decreasing, began increasing in 1997. High-rise and super...

10 October 2004

Tower Buildings in Dubai – Are they Sustainable?

Khaled A. Al-Sallal, UAE University

The active construction of tall buildings in the UAE, as a result of the rapid growth of economy, goes in a fast pace and has...