23 September 2020

Comparative Analysis of Lifting Loads of Tower Cranes by Core Structure Construction Methods

Yong Seok Choi, LOTTE Engineering & Construction; Taehoon Kim, Chosun University; Sangdae Kim, Korea University

In tall building construction, the appropriate control of lifting loads on tower cranes is critical in terms of the construction duration of structural works. The...

26 June 2020

Experimental Test on the Effect of Onsite Welding of Steel Plates for a Joint Between Concrete Columns and a S

Hak Bo Shim, Lotte Engineering & Construction; Da Yo Yun & Hyo Seon Park, Yonsei University

To connect exterior reinforced concrete (RC) columns with the steel belt truss, the gusset plates are welded to the steel plates embedded in the RC...

26 June 2020

Challenges in Structural Design of Bumeo W-project

Jong Soo Kim & Duck Won Jo and Eun Gyu Choim, CS Structural Engineering

W-Project is 60-story mixed-use residential building complex project in Daegu, the third biggest city in South Korea. There are lots explorable items to be solved...

26 June 2020

Seismic Reliability Assessment of Mid- and High-rise Post-tensioned CLT Shear Wall Structures

Xiaofeng Sun & Zheng Li and Minjuan He, Tongji University

Currently, few studies have been conducted to comprehend the seismic reliability of post-tensioned (PT) CLT shear wall structures, due to the complexity of this kind...

26 June 2020

Structural Characteristics of Preloaded Deep Deck Composite Slabs with Tenns

Tae-Hun Lee & Jae-Hwan Kyung & Jong-Wook Song and Sung-Mo Choi

As deep decks are commonly used in construction fields and high-rise building. etc, the slim floor system is increasingly employed. But, the drawback of the...

26 June 2020

A Study on the POE (Post Occupancy Evaluation) according to the Residential Environment of Mixed-use Apartment

Ha Man Joon, Korea University

In this study, POE(Post Occupancy Evaluation) evaluation indexes were selected into six categories through the consideration of theories and prior research. Therefore, qualitative supply can...