10 October 2004

The Roles of Construction Management in Super High-Rise Building Projects

O-Kyung Kwon & Jong-Hoon Kim, Hanmiparsons

Even though super high-rise building projects have been undertaken in Korea, there is a relatively small number of studies carried out on the projects. This...

10 October 2004

Reform Measures of Korea’s High-rise Buildings Construction Period

Ki-In Kim, HanmiParsons

The construction of high-rise buildings in Korea started in the early 1980s. However, considering the fact that the buildings practically appeared in the late 1990s...

10 October 2004

An Experimental Investigation of Environmental Noise for High-rise Apartment in Urban Areas

Ho Chun Yoo, University of Ulsan; Sang Woo Lee, Kyonggi University; Soo Yeul Lee, E&S Architecture & Engineering; Dong Woo Kim, Suwon Science College

This study investigated the characteristics and sources of the road traffic noise at each given time depending on the amount of the road traffic transportation.

10 October 2004

A Study on the Environment-appraisal Model of Green Space in Multi-family Housing

Ok-Ja Joo & Young-Ki Park, Yonsei University

In this study, the environment-appraisal model of green space in a multifamily housing is proposed.

10 October 2004

A Study on the Web-based Database of High-rise Buildings

Chang-Yong Jeong, Yong-Tae Han, Jin-Wook Kim & Boo-Sung Kang, Seoul National University of Technology

This study looks into the web-based database services recently being offered by many organizations, and the Internet-usage patterns of users from the architectural field.

10 October 2004

The Automated Building Construction System for High-rise Steel Structure Buildings

Yuichi Ikeda & Tsunenori Harada, Obayashi Corporation

The Automated Building Construction System (ABCS), which was developed for constructing high-rise steel structure buildings, applies the concept of factory automation to the construction site...