10 October 2004

Lateral Load Distribution Factor for Modal Pushover Analysis

Geon-Woo Kim & Jin-Kyu Song, Chonnam National University; Sung-Jin Jung, Youngdong University; et al.

In this paper, a modal pushover analysis using design response spectra of UBC 97 is proposed. The proposed method is compared against the method in...

10 October 2004

A Study on the Pressure Vent on a Gas Explosion in a Building

Kyu-Hyung Oh & Sung-Eun Lee, Hoseo University

In case of a gas explosion in a building, the destruction of the building can be minimized through relief venting of the explosion pressure through...

10 October 2004

Smoke Characteristics in Kerosene Pool Fires

Eui Ju Lee & Hyun Joon Shin, Korea Insitute of Construction Engineering (KICT)

Experimental measurements of flame structure and soot characteristics were performed for small kerosene pool fires, which is widely used as a fire source of experiments...

10 October 2004

Influence of Architectural Elements on Stack Effect Problems in Tall Residential Building

Hoi-Soo Seo, POSCO E & C Company; Sung-Han Koo, Jae-Hun Jo, et al., Seoul National University

Many studies have been done on the problems caused by the stack effect in office buildings, and several solutions have been proposed. This paper presents...

10 October 2004

The Control Methods for Radiant Floor Heating in High-Rise Residential Building

Kyu-Nam Lee, Jae-Han Lim, Wu-Feng Jin, et al., Seoul National University

High-rise residential building should cope with the fluctuating thermal load by accurate control because the thermal load of each zone varies so widely with the...

10 October 2004

The Analysis on the Collapse of the Tallest Gothic Cathedral

Seong-Woo Hong, Kyungwoon University

This paper attempts to uncover the mystery behind the 1284 A.D. collapse of the Beauvais cathedral.