01 March 2020

Modern Skyscrapers in the Late 19th Century

Gerard Peet, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Nederlands

Skyscrapers are often seen as a typically American phenomenon. This paper aims at demonstrating that in terms of technology major developments are European and that,...

11 October 2019

The Garden City in Three Dimensions

Moshe Safdie, Safdie Architects

With a career spanning back to the Habitat ’67 residential complex in Montréal, Moshe Safdie’s work has always evoked images of utopian science fiction, yet...

26 October 2015

Dense Urbanism: The High-Rise Tower as a Building Block for the Public Realm

Moshe Safdie & Jaron Lubin, Safdie Architects

Though the skyscraper has been with us for a century, we are yet to discover how to deploy it as an effective building block for...

14 November 2013

“Joan of Architecture” and the Difficulty of Simplicity

Phyllis Lambert, Centre Canadien d'Architecture

Phyllis Lambert, the daughter of the Seagram owner Samuel Bronfman, played an integral role in selecting Mies van der Rohe and Phillip Johnson to design...

01 December 2012

Canada Grows Taller

CTBUH Research

Twenty-six buildings taller than 150 meters have been built in Canada since 2005 and it added four buildings taller than 200 meters in 2012, the...