2019 CTBUH Guangzhou Symposium

25 January 2019

This symposium explores how to develop strong design in both exterior and interior settings, and how to harness design properties to enhance the experience for tall building occupants.

CTBUH Guangzhou Symposium : Spatial Design

25 January 2019

The CTBUH China Office successfully held a Symposium in Guangzhou revolving around the theme: "Spatial Design: Inside and Outisde of Skyscrapers."

Vertical Transportation: Ascent & Acceleration

12 September 2017

CTBUH partnered with Guinness World Records to identify the commercial building with the fastest elevator speeds and longest vertical runs.

CTBUH Recognizes Completion of Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

21 December 2016

CTBUH has certified the completion of Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre. At 530 meters it is the tallest building in Guangzhou, second tallest in China, and fifth tallest worldwide.

CTBUH 2016 Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong Conference

16–21 October 2016

There is perhaps nowhere on the planet that demonstrates the impact of urbanization as markedly as the cities of China’s Pearl River Delta.

CTBUH Board of Trustees Set the Agenda for 2017

16 October 2016

The Board of Trustees held their second meeting of the year in conjunction with the 2016 Conference to discuss the Council’s plans for 2017.