05 July 2023

Children’s Preferences for Biophilic Design in Vertical Schools

Dr. Fatemeh Aminpour

Children’s need for contact with nature is critical to their well-being, especially in school environments where they spend the majority of their daytime. Vertical schools...

04 April 2022

Making Tall Timber Financially Viable: the Design-Build Approach

Lisa Thom, Lendlease

As the tall building industry increasingly becomes interested in using engineered mass timber to construct high-rise buildings, the economical and construction-efficiency advantages need to be...

30 April 2018

Brisbane's Subtropical Livability Goals and High-Rise Apartments: Vision and Reality

Rosemary Kennedy, SubTropical Cities Consultancy

Climate-based design is very significant in the Brisbane planning context. Brisbane City Council’s Vision 2031 aspires to capitalize on the city’s enviable subtropical climate and...

30 October 2017

Shaping Australia’s Tall Tower Design And High Livability Standards

Guy Lake, Katie Rathbone, Philip Vivian & Kristen Whittle, Bates Smart

With nearly 90% of its population expected to live in its state-capital cities by 2053, Australia is on track to become one of the world’s...

26 October 2015

The Impact of Private and Shared Open Space on Liveability in Subtropical Apartment Buildings

Rosemary Kennedy, Centre for Subtropical Design; Laurie Buys, Queensland University of Technology

As the number of tall apartment buildings significantly increases in most cities across the globe, their ability to deliver quality lifestyles for residents becomes an...

26 October 2015

Beyond the Podium: Urban Spaces for Tall Buildings in a Subtropical City

Caroline Stalker, Architectus

The tower and podium form is a widely accepted typology for urban intensification across the globe. However in the subtropics it may not be the...

31 December 2014

Interactive Study on Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2014

Daniel Safarik, Antony Wood, Marty Carver & Marshall Gerometta, CTBUH

An All-Time Record 97 Buildings of 200 Meters or Higher Completed in 2014 and 2014 showed further shifts towards Asia, and also surprising developments in...

01 November 2011

The Subtropical Residential Tower: Investigating Sustainable Practices in Tall Buildings

Rosemary Kennedy, Centre for Subtropical Design; Shane Thompson, Shane Thompson Architects

This article discusses how outcomes of the charrette take their cue from the city’s subtropical climate and demonstrate how high-density high-rise living can be attractive,...