16 September 2020

Ascent – Challenges and Advances of Tall Mass Timber Construction

Alejandro Fernandez, Jordan Komp, and John Peronto, Thornton Tomasett

Ascent, a 25 story residential tower located in Milwaukee, WI (USA), will become the tallest timber building in the world upon completion. This paper discusses...

01 August 2020

Skybridges: State of the Art

Antony Wood, Peng Du & Daniel Safarik, CTBUH

For more than a century, architects and urban visionaries have foretold of three-dimensional cities, with tall buildings linked by skybridges forming a new kind of...

01 August 2020

Interactive Study on Skybridges of Significance

CTBUH Research

Linking tall buildings with horizontal spaces, whether purely for circulation or containing programming, has been a subject of fascination for as long as tall buildings...

01 August 2020

Social-Distancing Skyscrapers?

Douglas King, Stantec; Suruchi Modi, Ansal University; Ankur Modi, RSP Design Consultants

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has upended practically every received notion about the design of cities. The essential value of concentrating humanity, which in...

09 April 2020

Chicago Building Code Modernization: Energy Performance and Sustainability Implications

Oliver Baumann & Ajit V. Naik, Baumann Consulting

This paper reviews the changes between the Chicago Building Code (CBC) and International Building Code (IBC)'s updated and previous versions to assist project teams in...

09 April 2020

Chicago Building Code Modernization: Comparison of Prototype Building Designs

John Viise & Matthew Cummins & Alberto Guarise & Daniel Koch, DeSimone Consulting Engineers

This paper develops three prototype buildings that would be subject to the new structural standards, all of which can use prescriptive code provisions for reference....