12 January 2021

Ascending Timber Aspiration in Milwaukee

Tim Gokhman, New Land Enterprises

As developers’ appetites for building tall with mass timber grows, acceptance of the technique is growing among approving authorities, which in turn, allows the height...

23 September 2020

Post-Pandemic HVAC Systems Strategies For High-Rise Office Buildings

Mehdi Jalayerian, Tyler Jensen & Kenneth Griffin, Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on building design and strategy will be as revolutionary as the rise of the first skyscraper. COVID-19 and potential...

23 September 2020

How Will Fire Safety Change For High-Rise Buildings Post-COVID?

Fang Li, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted myriad new ways of thinking about practices for designing and occupying tall buildings in a very short time frame. This...

23 September 2020

How Will High-Rise Office Demand Be Changed by COVID-19?

Jim Prendergast, Gensler; James Taylor, JLL

As the global pandemic emptied out tall buildings in central business districts around the world, and work-fromhome (WFH) became the predominant mode for most white-collar...

23 September 2020

The Post-Crisis Tall Building

CTBUH Research

This data study proposes a “generic” 200-meter office building, located in Chicago, displaying several key modifications that could take place if certain indicative public-health restrictions...

23 September 2020

Towards Post-Crisis Tall Buildings and Cities

Daniel Safarik & William Miranda, CTBUH

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive and sudden rethink of how tall office buildings, and cities as a whole, should operate. With national and...