17 September 2021

Meet the CTBUH: Future Timber City Steering Committee Chair

The Council published an interview with Jeff Spiritos, Steering Committee Chair, Future Timber City research project and Principal, Spiritos Properties LLC.

08 September 2021

Interactive Study on The Global Impact of 9/11 on Tall Buildings

CTBUH Research

In the immediate aftermath of the terrible events of 9/11, the age of the skyscraper seemed to be at an end. After witnessing the collapse...

29 June 2021

Practical Experience with Full-scale Performance Verification of Dynamic Vibration Absorbers installed in Tall

J.S. Love & B. Morava, Motioneering Inc.,

Dynamic vibration absorbers (DVAs) in the form of tuned sloshing dampers (TSDs) and tuned mass dampers (TMDs) are commonly used to reduce the wind-induced motion...

29 June 2021

Performance of Adaptive TMD for Tall Building Damping

Felix Weber, Maurer Switzerland GmbH; Fatih Yalniz, WSP USA; Deniz Kerner & Peter Huber, Maurer SE

This research investigates the potential of Adaptive TMDs for tall building damping. The Adaptive TMD under consideration is based on real-time controlled hydraulic dampers generating...

29 June 2021

Revisiting the “T” in TMD

Kurt Strobel & Victor Salcedo, GERB Vibration Control Systems

This paper explores the meaning and importance of tuning amongst other Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) parameters and describes processes to help ensure that an as-built...

29 June 2021

Innovative Liquid Damper for Wind-Induced Vibrationof Buildings: Performance after 4 Years of Operation,and Ne

Pierre Ghisbain & Sebastian Mendes & Marguerite Pinto & Elisabeth Malsch, Thornton Tomasetti

In 2016, an innovative liquid damper system was installed on the roof of a 35-story modular building in Brooklyn, NY to mitigate wind-induced movement of...