01 February 2000

Reflections on the Hancock Concept

Hal Iyengar, Skimore, Owings & Merril

This paper reviews the stages of conceptual design through the final design of the John Hancock Center in Chicago. Several unique features of the project...

01 February 2000

Complete Retrofit of a 47-Story Steel Building for Wind Loads

Joseph Colaco & Wally Ford, CBM Engineers, Inc; Gene Robertson, Reliant Energy

This paper describes the retrofitting of an existing 47- story all-steel building with four basements in Houston, USA. Exterior steel spandrel beams welded to columns...

01 July 1998

Design and Construction of the Jin Mao Tower's Mat Foundation

Mark Sarkisian, Stan Korista & Ahmad Abdelrazaq, SOM

Looking from the Yangtze River toward the new Shanghai skyline, you cannot help noticing the ever changing color of the ultra-tall Jin Mao Tower with...

01 July 1995

Acceleration Indexes for Human Comfort in Tall Buildings - Peak or RMS?

Daryl W. Boggs, Cermak Peterka Peterson, Inc.

Traditionally, the effect of vibration on human comfort has been evaluated using the rms value of acceleration. The differences between these two methods are examined,...

01 January 1995

Jin Mao Tower's Unique Structural System

Mark Sarkisian, Stan Korista & Ahmad Abdelrazaq, SOM

The composite structural system for the Jin Mao Tower was designed to resist typhoon winds and earthquake forces and accommodate poor soil conditions while providing...

01 January 1994

Lessons from Hurricane Andrew

Leighton Cochran & Marc Levitan, CCP

Leighton Cochran & Marc Levitan write about the lessons that can be learned from the 1992 Hurricane Andrew and emergency building.