17 October 2016

Vertical Densification: The Architecture of the Structural System of the BBVA Tower Mexico City

Dirk Krolikowski, University College London - School of Architecture - The Bartlett / DKFS Architects; Mark Gorton & James Leathem, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

The objective of the paper is to describe the findings throughout the architectural design process of the structural system of the Torre BBVA Bancomer in...

17 October 2016

Improving Vertical Transportation Design for a Dense Vertical Urban Environment

Paul Burns, Ed Figueiredo, Cameron O’Brien & Joe Wild, D2E International VT Consultants Ltd

The development of high-rise residential buildings has grown significantly over the past decade in response to the global increase in population density in urban centers....

17 October 2016

High-Rise Testing of Drainage Systems on Two of the World’s Tallest Test Towers

Steven White, Studor Limited

The drainage systems in tall buildings are being subjected to greater loadings. The effect of negative and positive transients is, therefore, becoming a larger issue....

17 October 2016

Remodel, Recycle or Rebuild? - Addressing the Fire Safety Challenges of Repurposing Skyscrapers

Simon Lay, Olsson Fire & Risk

Some of our established world cities are already facing the challenge of older tall building stock that is no longer relevant to the most commercially...

17 August 2015

Fire Safety Strategies for Penthouse Designs

Hadrien Fruton & Karl Wallasch, Hoare Lea

Penthouses, with their luxurious amenities and uninterrupted 360-degree views over the city skyline, tend to be larger than normal apartments and often have unique design...

16 September 2014

Developments in CFD Responding to the Increased Demands of Taller Buildings

Darren Davies & Jon Winchester, Wirth Research Limited

Accurate analysis of the aerodynamic effect of tall buildings is vital for the sustainable development of the vertical urban habitat. The established analysis methods are...