17 October 2016

Enhancing Social-Cultural Sustainability in Tall Buildings: A Trace from Vernacular Houses

Amer Al-Jokhadar & Wassim Jabi, Cardiff University

In the age of globalization and continuous urbanization, architects have a greater responsibility to design buildings with comfortable and sustainable environments. However, solutions should not...

17 October 2016

The Rejuvenation of a Tall Building

Albert Williamson-Taylor, AKT II Limited

The incredibly rapid urbanization observed in many of the larger cities in the world is forcing society, and the construction industry in particular, to think...

17 October 2016

Design to Fabrication: Fifth Hotel City of Dreams, Macau

Viviana R. Muscettola, Zaha Hadid Architects

This paper presents the unique collaboration among architects, engineers and contractors for the 5th Hotel at the City of Dreams in Macau. Our methodology centers...

17 October 2016

Crown Sydney: An Engineered Response to Sculptural Form

Simon Cloherty & Brad Nichols, Robert Bird Group

Crown Sydney will be located within Barangaroo South – one of three precincts on the foreshore of Darling Harbour – on the western edge of...

17 October 2016

The New Super Skinny Skyscraper Trend: Some Wind Engineering Considerations

Stefano Cammelli, Sara Bisio & Yiqing Wang, BMT Fluid Mechanics Ltd.

A new and almost unprecedented model for skyscrapers is currently being explored within the Manhattan real estate market: these are the so-called super slender ultra-luxury...

17 October 2016

Key Considerations for Cleaning and Maintenance Strategies in Dense Vertical Urban Environments

Liam Shepherd, Cameron O’Brien & Joe Wild, D2E International VT Consultants

The objective of this paper is to raise awareness about the importance of façade access design & how to develop an effective access and maintenance...