01 December 2017

The Impact of Supertall Density on City Systems

Bill Price, Andrew Bickerdyke & Meike Borchers, WSP; et al.

This paper discusses several topics associated with the densification caused by supertall buildings and their impact on city systems. The paper covers five key areas...

08 August 2017

Improving Energy Performance In Gulf-Region Residential High-Rises

Noura Ghabra & Dr. Lucelia Rodrigues, University of Nottingham; Dr. Philip Oldfield, The University of New South Wales

Energy consumption in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries has been rising over the last four decades. The residential building sector alone accounts for more than...

28 July 2017

Debating Tall: A Skyline Commission for London?

Barbara Weiss, Barbara Weiss Architects; Karen Cook, PLP Architecture

As hundreds of buildings over 20 stories are set to rise in London over the next few years, the Skyline Campaign, a non-profit organization, has...

02 June 2017

Transport and the Megacity: Improving Vitality with Connectivity

John Prevc, Future Spaces Foundation

There is no easy answer to ensuring the world’s rapid urban population growth is managed sustainably and in a manner that promotes economic growth, social...

20 April 2017

Bioclimatic Comfort Design for High-Rises

Jeroen Janssen, AKT II Ltd.

Building in an ever more urbanized world, with high-rise buildings increasing in both height and number, makes it essential to ensure we create comfortable urban...

20 April 2017

Supertall Elevator Maintenance

Rony Eappen, D2E International VT Consultants Ltd.

The type and quality of elevator maintenance should be considered at the design stage to ensure the longevity and reliability of the elevators proposed. The...