15 March 2019

Fire and Safety: Façade Fire Incidents in Tall Buildings

Michael Spearpoint & Ian Fu, OFR Consultants; Kevin Frank, BRANZ

Following recent tall building façade fire incidents, Research Seed Funding provided by CTBUH has supported exploratory research into identifying existing reviews of façade fires on...

01 December 2018

Flammability and Multi-objective Performance of Building Façades: Towards Optimum Design

Matthew Bonner & Guillermo Rein, Imperial College London

The façade is an important, complex, and costly part of a building, performing multiple objectives of value to the occupants, like protecting from wind, rain,...

01 December 2018

A Simplified Steel Beam-To-Column Connection Modelling Approach and Influence of Connection Ductility

Ruoxi Shi, OFR Consultants; Shan-Shan Huang & Buick Davison, The University of Sheffield

A simplified spring connection modelling approach for steel flush endplate beam-to-column connections in fire has been developed to enable realistic behaviour of connections to be...

28 July 2018

A Vertical Transportation Analytical Tool For the Construction of Tall Buildings

Julien Grange & Oscar Savage, Multiplex Construction Europe

The construction phase of 22 Bishopsgate, London, presented many challenges, but one of the greatest issues to overcome was the requirement to ensure comfortable and...

28 July 2018

Out of Thin Air: The Potential for High-Rise Housing Over Rail Lines

Bill Price, WSP

Cities are facing a crisis in providing housing and managing population growth. The author’s team has identified sufficient land associated with railway infrastructure to yield...

30 April 2018

Planning for a Taller London

Jules Pipe, Greater London Authority

In the past decade, London has grappled with growing pains and critical questions about how its urban landscape should be developed. More than 200 buildings...