20 October 2003

Building Regulations on Fire Safety in Europe

L. Sheridan, University of Liverpool, England; IR. H.J. Visscher & F.M. Meijer, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

This paper focuses on the conclusions of the analysis of the fire safety requirements. Comparisons proved particularly difficult due to the difference in the structure,...

20 October 2003

Behavior of Steel-Framed Structures Supporting Precast Concrete Slabs in Fire

Ahmed Allam, Cantor Seinuk UK

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new finite element-based technique to investigate the inherent fire resistant of steel-framed structures supporting precast concrete...

09 April 2003

Strategies for Increasing Student Numbers in Architectural Design Studio

Antony Wood, Swinal Samant, Paola Sassi & Adam Sharr, University of Nottingham

This paper considers the impact of increasing student numbers and decreasing resources on the teaching of design in schools of architecture. The provenance of these...

09 April 2003

Demystifying Construction; A Case Study of Construction Teaching in the UK

Antony Wood, University of Nottingham

Construction is often seen, amongst both students and staff at Schools of Architecture, as a distinct subject taught separately from design. It is often delivered...

26 February 2001

The Creative City: Harnessing the Imagination of Urban Decision Makers

Charles Landry, Comedia

The world is changing dramatically in ways that amount to a paradigm shift affecting the role of cities and how we run them. So we...

26 February 2001

Birmingham: Inventing a New Life for the 21st Century

Rod Duncan; JM Architects

In 1998-99 Rod Duncan participated in an international professional exchange to Birmingham. Duncan writes on the valuable lessons from Birmingham, identifying the factors influencing its...