28 October 2019

Opportunities and Challenges of Building Taller with Modular Construction

Giorgio Bianchi & Katerina Vatti, Robert Bird Group Pty Ltd

Building taller with modular construction introduces new structural and construction challenges, normally less prevalent in low-rise construction. An exploration of the design challenges that are...

28 October 2019

The Future Workplace in Vertical Cities: At-Height Greenery and Gathering Space

Stephan Reinke, Stephan Reinke Architects Limited

As the workplace evolves in our vertical cities, the need for “think spaces” and a public realm to meet, create and innovate will become integral...

28 October 2019

The Future City Ecosystem

Paul Runaghan, CallisonRTKL

As the population increases, megacities rise, and the urban landscape evolves ever more vertically, the traditional stratification of city functions will be replaced by technology,...

28 October 2019

After Machine-À-Habiter

Paolo Zilli, Zaha Hadid Architects

The technological component in architecture has dramatically increased during the last 50 years. Buildings react automatically to various inputs and the machine-à-habiter—a main concept of...

28 October 2019

New Tower Typology: Optimizing Workspaces and the Public Realm

Asa Bruno, Ron Arad Architects Ltd

Tel Aviv, widely recognized as the largest tech hub outside of Silicon Valley, is in the grip of unprecedented urban development. Despite having only 500,000...

28 October 2019

How Can a Tall Building Improve the Public Realm and Private Lives?

Karen Cook, PLP Architecture

During the last decade, the City of London has experienced a surge in daily commuters from less than 400,000 to nearly 500,000, with another 100,000...