01 July 2007

Cost of Green Revisited: Reexamining the Feasability and Cost Impact of Sustainable Design in the Light of Increased Market Adoption

Peter Morris & Lisa Fay Matthiessen, Davis Langdon

The purpose of this paper is to revisit the question of the cost of incorporating sustainable design features into projects. It builds on the work...

01 April 2007

Learning through Collaboration: an Industry / School of Architecture Partnership

Antony Wood & Darran Oxley, University of Nottingham

In the academic year 2003/04 a collaborative industry/university project to design an exhibition stand was conducted between the Institute of Architecture at the University of...

01 June 2006

Demystifying Construction; Technology in Architectural Education

Antony Wood, University of Nottingham

Construction is often seen, among both students and staff at schools of architecture, as a distinct subject taught separately from design. This paper presents an...

07 December 2005

Culture and Personality: The right place and face for Tall Buildings

Antony Wood, University of Nottingham

Tall Buildings are perhaps the most keenly debated building typology currently in existence. This paper presents alternative visions for tall building design.

06 December 2005

Mixed-Use High Rise in the UK: An Urban Renaissance?

Antony Wood, CTBUH Executive Director

In many cities around the world, inner-city living is seen as a vital factor in the success of an urban centre. In recent decades in...

16 October 2005

The Shortfall of Tall: The Rise of an Environmental Consciousness in Tall Building Design

Antony Wood, University of Nottingham

This presentation will outline the development of this environmental consciousness in high-rise architecture, including some of the experimental work undertaken by the presenter in conjunction...