03 March 2008

Towers and Urbanism in the context of China

Stefan Krummeck, Terry Farrell & Partners

Taking a look at Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Dubai, London, and New York and one will see that all developed and developing cities...

01 December 2007

Structural BIM: Discussion, Case Studies and Latest Developments

Clive Robinson, Tekla

This paper discusses the current state of building information modelling (BIM) from the structural point of view, incorporating the migration from 2D to 3D solutions.

05 November 2007

The Economics of Supertall Towers

Watts, Steve; Kalita, Neal & Maclean, Michael, Davis Langdon

This paper addresses global economic factors infl uencing the decisions leading to the development of super-tall towers, including population growth and urbanization, economic cycles and...

02 November 2007

Designing the Eco Skyscraper: Premises for Tall Building Design

Ken Yeang, TR Hamzah & Yeang

Designing the ecoskyscraper involves configuring its built form and operational systems so that they integrate with nature in a benign and seamless way over its...

23 October 2007

The Damped Outrigger Concept for Tall Buildings

Rob J. Smith & Michael R. Willford, ARUP

This paper describes new concepts for the structural design of high-rise buildings, in which a system is introduced to increase the dependable structural damping by...

01 August 2007

Toward Energy Efficient Buildings Worldwide

Peter Warburton & Zak Kostura, Arup

Peter Warburton and Zak Kostura of Arup investigate the roadblocks that prevent comprehensive monitoring and publication of building energy performance metrics worldwide, and regional efforts...