03 March 2008

Tall Buildings Sustainability from the bottom up

Alistair Guthrie, Ove Arup Partners,

This paper examines the idea that a building can only be sustainable if it is so in the context of the community which uses it....

03 March 2008

Towards More Sustainable Tall Buildings

Ken Dalton & Richard John, AECOM

The paper covers with the view that sustainability outcomes will only be fully successful if sustainability priorities are shared by the planners, investors, developers, landlords,...

03 March 2008

It’s Not What You Build, But the Place Where You Build It: Urban Sustainability in London

Peter Rees, City of London Corporation

This paper argues that a wise property developer who wishes to avoid leaving a clumsy trail of carbon footprints across the planet will therefore choose...

03 March 2008

Alternative Evacuation Design Solutions for High-Rise Buildings

Simon Lay, WSP

There have been many proposals for novel and innovative evacuation solutions for high-rise buildings.This paper investigates in detail the role to be played by elevators...

03 March 2008

Design Strategies for Environmentally Sustainable Residential Skyscrapers

Sabina Fazlic, Welsh School of Architecture

This paper will focus on environmentally sustainable residential towers, specifically ones situated in the cool temperate climates of Europe and North America. It will consider...

03 March 2008

Effect of Duct Width in Ducted Photovoltaic Facades

Abdel Rahman Elbakheit, Shawir Sustainable Architecture ltd.

This paper presents an investigation into the integration of a ducted photovoltaic (PV) system in an architectural facade. The aim is to optimise the design...