01 May 2008

Greener Concrete - delivering design flexibility and greater sustainability

Gareth Moores, Lytag Ltd.

As the sustainability agenda rises to the top of the construction industry’s priority list, it is imperative when building tall that design innovation is not...

03 March 2008

Steel-Concrete-Steel: Unique Hybrids at London Tallest

Kamran Moazami, John Parker & Rodolfo Giannini, WSP Cantor Seinuk

This paper presents the structural engineering design approach used to create the iconic tower named the ‘Shard at London Bridge’ (Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop)....

03 March 2008

Form and Skin: Antidotes to Transparency in High Rise Buildings

Ken Shuttleworth, Make Architects

This paper examines the design of the high-rise building façade. In light of current environmental concerns and strict regulatory changes, the paper criticises our fascination...

03 March 2008

Tall Building Design Intelligence: An International Perspective

Stephan Reinke, Woods Bagot Europe

The design of tall buildings in the early part of the 21st Century is not necessarily being informed by day lighting, net to gross ratios,...

03 March 2008

Five Energy Generations of Tall Buildings: A Historical Analysis of Energy Consumption in High Rise Buildings

Philip Oldfield, University of Nottingham; Dario Trabucco, Universita IUAV di Venezia; Antony Wood, CTBUH

This paper aims to rectify this by examining the history of energy use in tall buildings, from their origins in North America in the late...

03 March 2008

Urban Development To Combat Climate Change: Dongtan Eco-city and Risk Management Stratagies

Peter Head & Gary Lawrence, ARUP

Drawing on lessons learned from the planning and development of a new, low-carbon eco-city on an island opposite Shanghai in China, this paper explores the...