01 July 2011

Challenging Attitudes on Codes and Safety

José L. Torero, BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering

The history of technological evolution is filled with failures and the lessons learned from them. Many will even claim that “design by disaster” is one...

11 May 2011

So You Want a Tall Building?

John Worthington, DEGW

Having devised tall building strategies for Rotterdam, Dublin and London, he is the kind of guy who is called in as cities start to think...

01 February 2011

Tall Timber Buildings: Applications of Solid Timber Construction in Multistory Buildings

Matthew Wells, Techniker

Standing nine floors and 29 meters (95ft) tall, the Stadtaus in London is indeed not very tall when regarded by height, but it does stand...

04 September 2009

Five Energy Generations of Tall Buildings: An Historical Analysis of Energy Consumption in High-Rise Buildings.

Philip Oldfield, University of Nottingham; Dario Trabucco, Universita IUAV di Venezia; Antony Wood, CTBUH

Whilst there have been numerous categorisations of high-rise buildings according to their function, architectural style, height or structural strategy, historically little work has been undertaken...

01 May 2009

Condenser Typology: Open Envelope Vertical Farming, the Extremes of Tower Urbanism

Matthew Wilson, Vectorfield.org

Can humidity-harvesting experiments inform tower urbanism in arid coastal environments? The finding of this study includes how the 'Condenser' tower typology deviates from other methods...

01 April 2009

Death of the Great Australian Dream

Chris Abel, Architectural Writer & Teacher

The Great Australian Dream of the detached house in the suburbs has deep roots in the Australian psyche; however, the catastrophic effects of which call...