25 May 2014

Strength Demand of Hysteretic Energy Dissipating Devices Alternative to Coupling Beams in High-Rise Buildings

Kyung-Suk Choi & Hyung-Joon Kim, University of Seoul

A Reinforced concrete (RC) shear wall system with coupling beams has been known as one of the most promising structural systems for high-rise buildings. However,...

01 March 2014

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Apartment Buildings with Central Core

Joonho Lee, Seungho Han & Jinkoo Kim, Sungkyunkwan University

In this study the seismic performances of reinforced concrete apartment buildings with Y- and box-shaped plans having central core are investigated. Three types of model...

01 December 2013

Energy Saving Potentials of Ventilation Controls Based on Real-time Vehicle Detection

Hong-Jae Cho, Joon-Young Park, and Jae-Weon Jeong, Hanyang University

The main topic of this paper is to show a possibility of indoor air quality enhancement and the fan energy savings in underground parking facilities...

01 June 2013

Meeting the Energy Reduction Goal on a High Rise Building thru IPD Framework

Pyung Oh Jeong, BAUM Architects; Peter Lee & Sang-jin Kim, Cosentini A Tetra Tech Company

Greenhouse gas emissions and excessive energy consumption have been an on-going world issue nowadays. We can find that the majority portion is caused by high-rise...

01 March 2013

Evaluation of the Fire Resistance Performance of Interior Anchor Type CFT Columns through Loaded Heating Test

Sunhee Kim & Sungmo Choi, University of Seoul; Kyongsoo-Yom, Harmony Structural Engineering

The fire resistance performance of generic CFT columns has been verified through various tests and analyses and the columns are widely used for fire resistance...

19 September 2012

Evaluation of Building Movement Using 3D Laser Scanning

Sung-Ho Lee & Taehun Ha, Architectural Engineering Research Team, Daewoo E&C

High-rise buildings move during construction due to time-dependent material properties of concrete (creep and shrinkage), construction sequences, and structural shapes. To control building movements during...