01 June 2014

Energy and Air Quality Benefits of DCV with Wireless Sensor Network in Underground Parking Lots

Hong-Jae Cho & Jae-Weon Jeong, Hanyang University

This study measured and compared the variation of ventilation rate and fan energy consumption according to various control strategies after installing wireless sensor-based pilot ventilation...

25 May 2014

Strength Demand of Hysteretic Energy Dissipating Devices Alternative to Coupling Beams in High-Rise Buildings

Kyung-Suk Choi & Hyung-Joon Kim, University of Seoul

A Reinforced concrete (RC) shear wall system with coupling beams has been known as one of the most promising structural systems for high-rise buildings. However,...

01 March 2014

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Apartment Buildings with Central Core

Joonho Lee, Seungho Han & Jinkoo Kim, Sungkyunkwan University

In this study the seismic performances of reinforced concrete apartment buildings with Y- and box-shaped plans having central core are investigated. Three types of model...

01 December 2013

Energy Saving Potentials of Ventilation Controls Based on Real-time Vehicle Detection

Hong-Jae Cho, Joon-Young Park, and Jae-Weon Jeong, Hanyang University

The main topic of this paper is to show a possibility of indoor air quality enhancement and the fan energy savings in underground parking facilities...

01 June 2013

Meeting the Energy Reduction Goal on a High Rise Building thru IPD Framework

Pyung Oh Jeong, BAUM Architects; Peter Lee & Sang-jin Kim, Cosentini A Tetra Tech Company

Greenhouse gas emissions and excessive energy consumption have been an on-going world issue nowadays. We can find that the majority portion is caused by high-rise...

01 March 2013

Evaluation of the Fire Resistance Performance of Interior Anchor Type CFT Columns through Loaded Heating Test

Sunhee Kim & Sungmo Choi, University of Seoul; Kyongsoo-Yom, Harmony Structural Engineering

The fire resistance performance of generic CFT columns has been verified through various tests and analyses and the columns are widely used for fire resistance...