01 December 2015

Foundation Design Practice for High-rise Buildings in Korea

Sungho Kim & Seunghyeun Hong, Jinyoung Consultants; Yongkyu Choi, Kyungsung University

It is common for tall buildings in Korea to have a ground response that is highly sensitive to the behavior of the structure. Therefore, the...

01 September 2015

The Construction of Initial Analytical Models Structural Health Monitoring of a Masonry Structure

Seonwoong Kim, Youngsan University; Ji Young Kim, Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology; and In Hwan Hwang, Hanyang University

It is important to accurately predict structural responses to external excitations such as typhoons and earthquakes when designing structures for serviceability. One of the key...

01 September 2015

Outrigger Systems for Tall Buildings in Korea

Kwangryang Chung and Wonil Sunu, DongYang Structural Engineers

Outrigger systems are highly efficient since they utilize the perimeter zone to resist lateral forces, similar to tubular systems. The entire structural weight can be...

01 March 2015

Seismic Performance of High-Rise Intermediate Steel Moment Frames

Sang Whan Han & Sung Jin Ha, Hanyang University; and Ki-Hoon Moon, Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology

The rotation capacity of the moment connections could significantly influence on the seismic performance of steel moment resisting frames. Current seismic provisions require that beam-to-column...

01 March 2015

Knowledge Support and Automation of Paneled Building Envelopes for Complex Buildings using Script Programming

Jungdae Park & Jinkyu Im, Kyonggi University

Advances in the technology of computational design are giving architects and engineers the opportunity to analyze buildings with complex geometries. This study explores the optimization...

01 December 2014

Assessment on Natural Frequencies of Structures using Field Measurement and FE Analysis

Do Hyun Kim, Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology; Ji Young Kim, Daewoo E&C

Wind-induced responses of a structure are often evaluated through dynamic analysis, where measured wind forces obtained from a wind-tunnel test and dynamic properties obtained from...