17 October 2016

Structural Design Considerations and Challenges for Busan’s Haeundae Resort Complex

Kwang Ryang Chung, Dong Yang Structural Engineers

In the early twentieth century, many countries were obsessed with high-rise buildings taller than 100 stories, and Korea was swept up in the challenge to...

17 October 2016

Performance-Based Seismic Design of High-Rise Apartment Buildings in Korea

Taejin Kim, Minhee Lee, Changhwan Yoo & Jong-Ho Kim, Chang Minwoo Structural Consultants

The objective of this study is to apply performance-based seismic design methodology to highrise apartment buildings in South Korea with consideration for collapse prevention levels....

01 September 2016

Design Considerations for Concrete High-Rise Buildings

Kwangryang Chung & Chulho Park, Dongyang Structural Engineers Co., Ltd; Dohun Kim, POSCO E&C

Busan’s Haeundae Resort project, which is currently being constructed by POSCO E&C, comprises the 101-story Landmark Tower and two 85-story residential towers. Presently, foundation and...

01 September 2016

Key Technologies for Super Tall Building Construction: Lotte World Tower

Gyu Dong Kim & Joo Ho Lee, Lotte Engineering and Construction

This paper addresses the key technologies for supertall building construction based on the Lotte World Tower project in Korea. First, the mega-mat foundation construction technologies...

01 December 2015

Simplified Analysis of Three Dimensional Mega Foundations for High-Rise Buildings

Sangseom Jeong & Jaehwan Lee, Yonsei University; Jaeyeon Cho, Mott MacDonald

In this study, an approximate computer-based method was developed to analyze the behavior of raft and piled raft foundations. Special attention is given to the...

01 December 2015

Numerical Analysis for High-rise Building Foundation and Further Investigations on Piled Raft Design

Jinoh Won, Jin Hyung Lee & Chunwhan Cho, Samsung C&T

This paper introduces detailed three-dimensional numerical analyses on a bored pile foundation for a high-rise building. A static load test was performed on a test...