20 October 2003

Structural Performance of I-Tech Composite Beam Steel with Web Openings

Young-Kyu Ju, Sung-Chul Chun & Dae-Young Kim, Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology; Do-Hyun Kim & Sae-Dae Kim, Korea University, Kwang-Ryang Chung, Dongyang Structural Engineers

In this paper, a newly developed composite beam is proposed and experimentally explored via simple beam tests. The proposed composite beam is named iTECH (Innovative,...

20 October 2003

Recent Supertall Buildings in Korea and Reinforced Concrete Structural System for a 130 Story Ultra High-Rise Building

Sung-Woo Shin, Beom-Seok Han & Min-Sung Song, Hanyang University Seoul

The studies described recent developments of tall building construction in Korea and some research findings on the design of reinforced concrete structures based on the...