10 October 2004

Tower Buildings in Dubai – Are they Sustainable?

Khaled A. Al-Sallal, UAE University

The active construction of tall buildings in the UAE, as a result of the rapid growth of economy, goes in a fast pace and has...

10 October 2004

District Unit Plan in Seoul as a New Approach for Urban Form and Density Control

Byong Gyu Park, Seoul National University of Technology

Korea economy has been experienced rapid industrialization since 1960s. Rapid industrialization accelerated the high utilization of land and concentration of population to urban area. According...

10 October 2004

The Moral Meaning of Contemporary Urban Planning

Wu Yue, Hunan University of Science and Technology

The development of the study of urban planning is a process of creativity in theory and practice. The contemporary urban planning focus on the safeguard...

10 October 2004

Learning from the Past - Tall Buildings and the Evolution of Old Cities

Dennis Lau Wing-Kwong & Alexander Lush, Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects & Engineers

The paper draws attention to the similarities of the impact of high-rise structures upon historical cities with past new development and re-development, particularly with respect...

10 October 2004

An Experimental Study on the Engineering Properties of Deteriorated Concrete by Fire Damage

Young-Jin Kwon, Hoseo University; Moo-Han Kim, Yong-Ro Kim & Jea-Bong Jang, Chungnam National University

Explosive spalling depends on the materials used in the concrete such as admixtures and aggregates, and the standard design compressive strength of concrete. Therefore, basic...

10 October 2004

Retrofit of Existing Steel Moment Connections with Floor Slabs

Sang-Hoon Oh, RIST; Young-Ju Kim & Tae-Sup Moon, Hanyang University

The effectiveness of retrofit methods on the deformation capacity of existing steel moment connections with concrete slabs were investigated. Five full-scale beam-to-column subassemblages were tested....