01 September 2017

Structural Performance of 800 MPa High-Strength Steel Members

Cheol-Ho Lee, Seoul National University

The use of high-strength steels in construction of highrise and mega building structures can bring about many technological advantages from fabrication to erection. However, key...

01 September 2017

Preliminary Design of Structural Health Monitoring for High-Rise Buildings

Hyun-hee Ryu, Jong-soo Kim, Eun-gyu Choi & Sang-hoon Lee, CS Structural Engineering

The purpose of structural health monitoring is to evaluate structural behavior due to various external loads through installation of appropriate measurement. Accordingly, a guideline for...

01 September 2017

Application of Post-Tension Technology on Tall Buildings

Kwangryang Chung, Jungwoo Park & Younghye Kim, Dong Yang Structural Engineers Co., Ltd; Dohun Kim, POSCO E&C

It’s been a decade since post-tension system began to be applied in earnest to buildings in Korea. In the meantime, posttension system has been used...

01 March 2017

Prediction of Time-dependent Lateral Movement Induced by Differential Shortening in Tall Buildings

Taehun Ha & Sungho Lee, Daewoo E&C; Sangdae Kim, Korea University

High-rise buildings move during construction due to time-dependent material properties of concrete (creep and shrinkage), construction sequences, and structural shapes. The building movements, including vertical...

01 March 2017

Effect of Outriggers on Differential Column Shortening in Tall Buildings

Han-Soo Kim, Konkuk University

Special consideration should be given to differential column shortening during the design and construction of a tall building to mitigate the adverse effects caused by...

01 March 2017

Impact of Air-side Economizer Control Considering Air Quality Index on Variable Air Volume System Performance

Sang-Hyeon Cho, Joon-Young Park & Jae-Weon Jeong, Hanyang Univeristy

The objective of this study is to determine the effectiveness of a modified air-side economizer in improving indoor air quality (IAQ). An air-side economizer, which...