10 October 2004

Simplified Analytical Model for Outrigger-Braced Structures Considering Transverse Shear Deformation

Jaehong Lee & Hyunsun Kim, Sejong University

In this paper, several types of simplified analytical model for outrigger-braced structures are proposed.

10 October 2004

A Study for Quantitative Fire Risk Assessment of Tall Building

Won K. Kim, Hwan Jin Kim & Seung Ho Choi, Seoul National University

One of the most notable changes in fire protection design area was an introduction of Performance Based Design (PBD), which provides simulation of the fire...

10 October 2004

A Study on the Effects of Fire Whirl in High-rise Buildings

Sung-Eun Lee, Kyu-Hyung Oh & Youn-Ok Kang; Hoseo University

This study presents a comparison of the behavior of a fire whirl and a pool fire in order to analyze the fire hazards present in...

10 October 2004

A Study on the Characteristics of the Evaluation Methods for Wind-induced Responses...

Ji Young Kim, Dae Young Kim & Han Young Kim, DAEWOO E&C; Sang Dae Kim, Korea University

In this study, the peculiar features of each wind evaluation method are summarized, and the analysis results of wind tunnel tests were compared to derive...

10 October 2004

Characteristics of the Across-Wind Fluctuating Force and Spectral Density of Rectangular High-Rise Buildings with Various Side Ratios

Young-Cheol Ha, Dong-Woo Kim & Yong-Sik Kil, Kumoh National Insitute of Technology

This study makes an attempt to propose an approximate equation of the across-wind fluctuating moment and spectral density coefficient, due to gust and wake turbulence,...

10 October 2004

Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Analysis of Dynamic Wind Pressures Acting on a Tall Chimney Model

Hee J. Ham & Mi-Hwa Lee, Kangwon National University; Young Moon Kim, Chonbuk National University

From this study, the following results are obtained: the along-wind and across-wind forces are dominated by a few POD modes, and the base forces can...