10 October 2004

Fully Integrated Composite Beams of High-rise Buildings

E. T. Lee, C. S. Park & H. J. Shim, Chung-Ang University; J. Y. Park, Korea National Housing Corporation

This paper reviewed the latest design developments in composite beams and slab systems fully integrated. A number of composite slab systems developed specifically for integration...

10 October 2004

The Quality Variation of Concrete According to High-Pressing Condition

Chee-Ho Seo, Suk-Won Ji, Sang-Heon Kim, et al., Konkuk University

In this research, in order to develop the standard by the pumping of concrete, we compared and analyzed sample collected from pump hoper on the...

10 October 2004

Torsional Behaviour of Concrete Filled Circular Steel Tube Column Considering Confinement Effect

E. T. Lee & K. H. Chang, Chung-Ang University; Bok-Hee Yun, MIDAS IT; Ji-Young Park, Korea National Housing Corporation

Concrete filled steel tube(CFT) structure is recently used in high-rise building construction because of their effectiveness. Studies on concrete filled steel tube has been focused...

10 October 2004

Monitor Structure in Seismic Zones: Structural Health Monitoring

James Stowell, Leica Geosystems Inc.; Tracy Kijewski-Correa & Michael Kochly, Notre Dame University

With the exception of tsunamis (earthquake tidal waves) and earthquake-triggered landslides, most earthquake related fatalities are caused by the collapse of people's homes upon them,...

10 October 2004

Seismic Performance of Structures Connected by Viscoelastic Dampers

Jinkoo Kim, Sungkyunkwan University; Jincook Ryou, Hankook Structural Engineering Consultants

This study investigates the effect of installing viscoelastic dampers (VED) in places such as seismic joints or building-sky-bridge connections to reduce earthquake-induced structural responses.

10 October 2004

Fire Engineering the Tallest Building in the Historic City of Manchester, UK

Dean Kevin McGrail & Simon Francis Lay, WSP Fire Engineering; W.K. Chow, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This paper addresses the fire engineered design of the means of escape provisions from the residential areas of the New Landmark Beetham Tower in the...