10 October 2004

The World’s Tallest Building, Burj Dubai, U.A.E.

William F. Baker, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

In this paper, the process of shaping the 2000 ft tower, Burj Dubai, in order to mitigate wind effects and assist in resisting loads is...

10 October 2004

Design and Implementation of an Integrated Structural Design System

Chee Kyeong Kim, Sunmoon University; Si Eun Lee, Baekseok College

This paper discusses modeling concepts to manage design information efficiently and to support the design process effectively.

10 October 2004

Discrete Optimization of Truss Structures using Harmony Search Meta-Heuristic Algorithm

Kang Seok Lee & Li-Hyung Lee, Hanyang University; Waon-Ho Yi, Kwangwoon University

In this paper, a discrete search strategy using the HS algorithm is presented in detail and its effectiveness and robustness, as compared to current discrete...

10 October 2004

An Experimental Study on the Physical Properties by Compressive Strength Areas of Concrete at High Temperature

Heungyoul Kim & Hyunjoon Shin, KICT; Cheeho Seo, Konkuk University

This paper studies the properties of concrete after it has reached high temperature.

10 October 2004

Nonlinear Direct Spectrum Method for the Seismic Evaluation of Nonlinear Structures

Pyeong-Doo Kang, Geochang Provincial College; Dae-Han Jun, Dongseo University; Jae-Ung Kim, Dong-A University

This paper presents a nonlinear direct spectrum method (NDSM) to evaluate seismic performance of structures, without iterative computations, given by the initial elastic period and...

10 October 2004

Drift Design Method for High-rise Buildings using Dynamic Resizing Algorithm

Seo Ji Hyun & Hyo SEon Park, Yonsei University

This paper, a resizing algorithm based on dynamic displacement participation factor obtained from response spectrum analysis is presented for drift design of steel structures subjected...