25 June 2020

Curtain Wall Façades on the New Generation of Supertall Buildings Present and Future Directions

Sae Hwang Oh, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Beginning in the late 19th century, construction of skyscrapers spread throughout Chicago, New York City, and then the world as demand of space in buildings...

25 June 2020

Review on Quantitative Measures of Robustness for Building Structures Against Disproportionate Collapse

Jian Jiang1 & Qijie Zhang, China University of Mining and Technology; Liulian Li, The First Construction Engineering Company Ltd. of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau et al

Disproportionate collapse triggered by local structural failure may cause huge casualties and economic losses, being one of the most critical civil engineering incidents. It is...

01 March 2020

The Future of Workplace in Vertical Cities: Hanging Gardens, Roof Terraces and Vertical Plazas

Stephan C. Reinke, Stephan Reinke Architects

As the workplace evolves in our vertical cities, the need for “think spaces” and the public realm to meet, create and innovate will become integral...

01 March 2020

Connecting the three Dimensions of Urban Transportation

Prof. Michael Cesarz, thyssenkrupp

Currently, urban mobility is rather two-dimensional: Connections between transportation solutions like elevators, escalators, moving walks, and metro stations are static. In the future, urban mobility...

01 March 2020

Mass Timber: The New Sustainable Choice for Tall Buildings

Jennifer Cover, WoodWorks

Professionals who work in the realm of tall building design and construction are well aware that high-rises are the best solution for accommodating growing urban...

01 March 2020

Robotics in Construction: State-of-Art of On-site Advanced Devices

Alberto Balzan & Claudia Cabrera Aparicio, IUAV University of Venice; Dario Trabucco, CTBUH

Recently, robotic technologies have significantly improved, bringing considerable enhancements in many sectors; the main objective of this paper is to figure out if these innovations...