20 October 2003

An Analysis of the Constraints to Innovation in High-Rise Buildings

Frits Scheublin, Hollandsche Beton Groep

The Dutch Association of contractors (VGBouw) initiated a study to investigate the constraints to innovation in high rise building in the Netherlands. The study is...

20 October 2003

Effective and Efficient Building Control

I. Visscher & F.M. Meijer, Delft University of Technology; L. Sheridan, University of Liverpool

Building regulations provide a solid base for safe, healthy, energy efficient, environment friendly and comfortable buildings. To be sure that the requirements are met in...

20 October 2003

Strategies for Tall Buildings in the Netherlands

George Ang, Government Building Agency; Matt Prins, Delft University of Technology

Tall buildings are scarce in the Netherlands, only 20 of the 50 highest buildings were constructed in or after 2000. The highest building is 151...