10 October 2011

Evacuating Using Elevators: Expanding the 2004 CTBUH Approach

Jochem Wit, Deems Consulting Engineers

The Dutch High-rise Covenant is an initiative to develop design guidelines for high-rise towers. It initiated the development of multiple Dutch Technical Agreements (DTA’s) to...

01 February 2011

The Origin of the Skyscraper

Gerard Peet, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

The modern skyscraper is generally considered to be an American invention. Chicago and New York claim they once hosted the world's first skyscraper and many...

01 November 2010

Greening Modernism: Westraven Tower

Jeroen Hendriks, Cepezed Architects

The Westraven Office Complex in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is a combination of a renovated existing building and a new extension for the use of several...

01 August 2009

The CAD-Tool 2.0 Morphological Scheme of Non-Orthogonal High-Rises

Dr. Karel Vollers, Delft University of Technology

Non-orthogonal high-rise buildings are emerging with an increasing degree of geometrical variation. As yet no scheme categorises data on the basis of the overall geometries...

03 March 2008

Morphological scheme of second-generation non-orthogonal high-rises

Karel Vollers, Delft University of Technology

The proposed morphological scheme is based on software manipulations to describe shaping, not on mathematical formulae. The scheme is illustrated by examples of overall shaping,...

03 March 2008

Tall Buildings in the Netherlands: Constraints to Innovation

Frits Scheublin, Royal BAM Groep

The Netherlands is a densely populated country with 16 million inhabitants. About 50% of the population lives and works in an area about as large...