24 February 2015

Taming Tall Buildings’ “Autistic” Tendencies

Kees Christiaanse, KCAP Rotterdam

The CTBUH is actively expanding the “Urban Habitat” portion of its mission, which calls for tall buildings to be optimally integrated into human-scaled urban environments....

06 November 2014

From Block to Blob and Back Again

Ben van Berkel, UNStudio

United Network Studio (UN Studio) is a Dutch architecture firm founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, which in the 2000s established...

16 September 2014

Ultra Light Weight Solutions for Sustainable Urban Densification

Maurice Hermens, Michiel Visscher & John Kraus, Royal HaskoningDHV

This paper shows, through the realized case project “De Karel Doorman” in Rotterdam, how ultra lightweight solutions for apartments and other building types can be...

19 September 2012

MFREE-S Closed Cavity Façade: Cost-Effective, Clean, Environmental

Henk Bleecker & Maaike Berckmoes, Permasteelisa Group; Piet Standaert, Physibel; Lu Aye, University of Melbourne

Very few existing tall buildings comply with current energy and sustainability performance requirements. An innovative façade solution, “MFREE-S Closed Cavity Façade” (CCF), has recently been...

01 May 2012

Developing Rotterdam’s Skyline

Frank van der Hoeven & Steff en Nijhuis, Delft University of Technology

The planning and construction of tall buildings is often controversial, polarizing the public on architecture and urban life. In many cases the emotional discourse focuses...

10 October 2011

The Graphic Interface of the CAD-Tool Morphology System 3.0 for Non-Orthogonal Buildings

Dr. Karel Jan Vollers, Delft University of Technology; Sagar R. Thorat, Free-D Geometries

The authors compare websites that provide building information with www.Free-D.nl, a forum focused on non-orthogonal buildings that they in 2010 initiated. This website features an...