24 May 2022

BCIT Student Residence, Burnaby, Canada: Large Format Point-Supported CLT Optimization

This 12-story building (74.7 meters) uses 3.5-by-14-meter-long five-ply large-format CLT panels and point-supported (PS) CLT on slender steel columns embedded within partition walls. Four lateral...

24 May 2022

Hybrid Timber Tower, Toronto: Achieving 105 Stories & Long Spans Via Steel Cables and Cages

The Hybrid Timber Floor System (HTFS) designed for this project uses post-tensioning cables and steel cages encased in a concrete band and recessed into a...

24 May 2022

M5, Vancouver and Terraine, San Jose: Lessons Learned From Conception To Construction

Two residential structures, 18 and 20 stories respectively, in the seismically-active North American West Coast use steel columns in partitions for the gravity system and...

24 May 2022

Tallwood 1, Langford, BC, Canada - Eccentrically Braced Steel Frame Provides Lateral Support

At a 12-story residential building, an eccentrically braced steel frame provides lateral support to the “flat-plate” CLT floorplates. The resilient lateral force-resisting system includes replaceable...

23 May 2022

Cast Steel Connections in Steel Timber Hybrid Construction

Case studies: Vancouver International Airport: custom and standardized cast connectors for timber columns; University of Victoria: custom castings mate timber columns with steel cantilevered beams...

23 May 2022

Design Considerations - Beam-Column Connections & Steel Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames

A mass timber-hybrid seismic braced frame system is being developed, using a diagonal steel buckling-restrained brace (BRB) with timber beams and column frame members. Six...

23 May 2022

Using a Perforated Hollow Steel Beam to Build Up Timber Hybrid Fire-Rated Slim Floors

Life-cycle analyses have shown that glulam mass-timber beams can be less sustainable than a hybrid flat-slab system in high-rise applications. The presentation discusses an optimized...

07 April 2021

The Future of Workspaces: Caroline Robbie, Andrea Hall, and Karla Cruz Ruelas of BDP Quadrangle

How did open concept work spaces with common areas adapt during the pandemic? What is the future of office spaces in high rise buildings? Most...

31 October 2019

Mass Timber and the City

Karim Khalifa, Director of Buildings Innovation at Sidewalk Labs, speaks at the 2019 CTBUH International Congress in Chicago on 31 October 2019.

22 October 2018

Polycentric vs. Monocentric: The Future of Vertical Urbanism?

Numerous cities are now developing along polycentric lines, with several urban “nodes” focused around tall building clusters that often compete for commerce, attention and investment...