17 October 2016

Modular Skyscrapers for Megacities

Hans Degraeuwe, Degraeuwe Consulting NV

The purpose of this paper is to support the architectural development of a new modern method of construction partially based on the 3D modular and...

16 September 2014

Performance of Shadow Boxes in Curtain Wall Assemblies

Mikkel Kragh, Stanley Yee & Lawrence D. Carbary, Dow Corning; Neil McClellan, HOK

As increased urban density needs influence the verticality of our built environment, scales of economy and practical efficiency of curtain wall design and construction constitute...

10 October 2011

Environmental Risk Analysis for High-Rise Buildings in Belgium With the European Seveso Directives

Yves Dechamps, Bouillard Philippe & Yves Rammer, Université Libre de Bruxelles

The High-Rise Buildings (HRB) are currently the subject of many discussions about their architectural and sociological impact in the city but the situation regarding the...

03 March 2008

Building, Rebuilding or Renovating Contextual Sustainable Tall Buildings in a Historical European City Center

Eric Ysebrant, ASSAR Architects; Isidore Zielonka, ART & BUILD Architect

Old European cities will have to consider remodelling or rebuilding existing Tall Buildings within their city centers. Brussels, Belgium is a good example of such...

01 February 2008

The “International” Skyscraper: Observations

Georges Binder, Buildings & Data SA

While using tall buildings data, the following paper aims to show trends and shifts relating to building use and new locations accommodating high-rise buildings. After...