Twisting Tall Buildings

18 August 2016

CTBUH has released a study that looks at the recent proliferation of twisting towers creating a new generation of iconic buildings throughout the world.

Regional Tours, CTBUH 8th World Congress

02–06 March 2008

Though much of the Congress was focused on Dubai, there was the opportunity for delegates to witness the incredible achievements of some of the other cities in the Middle East.

CTBUH Releases Analysis of Global Population and Tall Buildings

13 April 2011

Tall buildings are spreading across the globe at an ever-increasing rate. This study demonstrates the relationship between population and tall buildings across those countries and presents information on the average height and age of each country’s tallest buildings.

CTBUH Releases Tallest Buildings Completed in 2007

31 December 2007

333 meters high with 72 stories and 480 suites, Rose Rotana Tower in Dubai leads the list of the 10 tallest buildings completed in 2007. The tower, which is developed by Bonyan International Investment Group, is also regarded as the world’s tallest single-use hotel building.