24 August 2015

A “Flight Manual” for Air Plants

Lloyd Godman, Ecological Artist; Stuart Jones, Hyder Consulting; Grant Harris, Ironbark Environmental Arboriculture

The green fabric that clothes the earth is fraying. Sadly, through overuse, the garment we depend upon is wearing out. The construction of buildings and...

19 November 2014

Why A New Business Model Is Required For Sustainable Tall Building Design

Tall buildings are seen by many as an adaptation strategy in response to our growing population and urbanization. Today more than 50% percent of the...

06 November 2014

Achieving a Six-Star Rated Tall Building in Sydney’s Central Business District

Lester Partridge, AECOM Building Engineering

The ANZ Tower in central Sydney not only represents the commercial office sector’s recovery from the 2008 financial crisis; it is also a strong example...

16 September 2014

Towards 2050 – The Challenge for Tall Buildings

Craig Gibbons, Kristina Moores & Josef Hargrave, Arup; Gregory Kiss, Kiss + Cathcart

The continuing increase in urbanization creates significant challenges for our cities and the tall buildings within them. This includes the demand for space, consideration of...

16 September 2014

Operational Stage BIM – Monitoring of Structural Safety

Joost Kuckartz, Andrey Shakhramanyan & Andrey Yaremenko, SODIS LAB

Building information modelling (BIM) is omnipresent, but known to be efficient for design and optimizing construction. The premise of BIM however is its use throughout...

16 September 2014

A Case Study for Sustainable Vertical Urbanism

Richard Mann, Ecosytem Architecture; Andrew Johnson, Arup; Elke Haege, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

This paper explores a range of design principles for achieving a socially sustainable residential community in a very tall environmentally responsive building. The goal of...