30 October 2017

Empirically Evaluating the Livability Of Local Neighborhoods and Global Cities

Christian Derix, Lucy Helme, Fabio Galicia & Alexander Kachkaev, Woods Bagot

CIVITAS is a search engine for urban conditions, developed to allow stakeholders to identify qualities of livability and urban experiences that suit their tacit desires...

30 October 2017

Rethinking CTBUH Height Criteria In the Context of Tall Timber

Robert M. Foster, University of Queensland; Michael H. Ramage, University of Cambridge; Thomas Reynolds, The University of Edinburgh

Recent developments in the design and construction of progressively taller buildings using engineered timber as a structural material raise important questions about the language that...

30 October 2017

The Role of Design Competitions In Shaping Sydney’s Public Realm

Helen Lochhead & Philip Oldfield, University of New South Wales

Since 2000, through the City of Sydney’s Competitive Design Policy (CDP), the quality of major projects in the city has been improved significantly, mediating the...

30 October 2017

Connecting the City: People, Density & Infrastructure

CTBUH 2017 Conference Speakers

The future of humanity on this planet relies on the collective benefits of urban density; reducing both land consumption and the energy needed to construct...

02 June 2017

A “Fabric-First” Approach to Sustainable Tall Building Design

Philip Oldfield, University of New South Wales

This research suggests the most effective way for improving energy efficiency in tall buildings is a “fabric-first” approach. This involves optimizing the performance of the...

27 January 2017

Debating Tall: Melbourne's New Skyscraper Guidelines: Too Restrictive?

Larry Parsons, Victorian State Government; Danni Addison, Urban Development Institute of Australia

A new amendment to Melbourne’s local planning scheme imposes limitations on tower setbacks and introduces floor area ratio (FAR) restrictions in the central business district....