01 August 2020

On the Fast Track to “Better Placed”

Abbie Galvin, Government Architect Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment New South Wales

Abbie Galvin is the 24th Government Architect of New South Wales (NSW) state in Australia, which incorporates the Sydney metropolitan area, joining the role after...

30 January 2020

Implications of Flat-Pack Plumbing Systems For High-Rise Construction Efficiency

Paulo Vaz Serra & Giorgio Marfella, Melbourne School of Design; Shannon Egglestone, Richstone Group

The concept of design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) is gathering momentum in the high-rise construction industry. The construction of tall buildings is well-suited for...

28 October 2019

The Future of the Workplace: An Evolving Flexible Ecosystem

Gavin Phillips, Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.

The nature of work is being reimagined, with technology driving rapid evolution and constant change, challenging the role and nature of commercial real estate and...

28 October 2019

Sydney 2070: Visions of a Future City

Philip Vivian, Bates Smart

Sydney’s population is predicted to increase from 4.6 million to nearly nine million by 2061. Even without this growth, the city has already surpassed the...

28 October 2019

Transport to Vertical Schools

Rebecca Lehman, Frank Turquoise Group

New South Wales (NSW), Australia is experiencing population growth and rising property values. To meet the community’s educational needs, this means vertical public schools— intensifying...

28 October 2019

Connecting the Buildings of the Past to The Cities of the Future with Digital Twins

Joshua Ridley, Willow

Over the past five years, innovations in multiple areas of the building process have evolved from the earliest implementation of building information modelling to the...