26 February 2001

A Third Millennium City Prototype – Melbourne Docklands

John Tabart, Barangaroo Delivery Authority

This paper introduces the theme of ‘New Cities’ applied in the design process for Melbourne Docklands –Victoria’s new waterfront, a 220–hectare waterfront precinct at the...

26 February 2001

Sustainable Cities

Patrick Troy

Although we have not specified what we mean by sustainability and therefore what we mean by sustainable cities we have accumulated enough scientific evidence to...

26 February 2001

Sustainability and Cities: The Role of Tall Buildings in this New Global Agenda

Peter Newman, Curtin University

Sustainability in cities is defined in terms of the reducing of resource inputs and waste outputs whilst simultaneously improving livability. This definition is traced through...

26 February 2001

Social Infrastructure in Tall Buildings: A Tale of Two Towers

Carolyn Whitzman, University of Melbourne

This paper case studies two towering housing complexes, each famous in their respective cities, with different origins and very different fates. Both illustrate the challenges...

26 February 2001

Tall Buildings in Melbourne: Challenging Policy Frameworks

Lyndsay Neilson, Nielsen Associates

This paper provides a brief overview of the history of tall buildings in Melbourne, Australia, and discusses the policy context within which they have developed...

26 February 2001

The Citigroup Centre At No. 2 Park Street, Sydney

Mike Haysler, Hyder Consulting; Robert Facioni, Structural Design Solutions

This paper covers the history of this site, a notorious black hole for many years, features achieved working on a design and construct basis and...