26 February 2001

The Urban Habitat After Globalization: Cities in the Age of Climate Change and Fossil Fuel Depletion

Peter Droege, University of Newcastle

Two daunting challenges confront the world’s cities and city regions well within this coming generation, affecting the global urban system and human civilization as a...

26 February 2001

Shaping the Future of Human Settlements: Globalisation, and the Leadership and Management of Change

Peter Ellyard, Preferred Futures, Universal Greening Group of Companies

Most of our human settlements: cities, and urban and rural communities are over managed and under led. As the interconnectedness of globalisation grows, market forces...

26 February 2001

The Behaviour of Simple Non-Linear Tuned Mass Dampers

Barry J. Vickery, University of Western Ontario; Jon K. Galsworthy, RWDI; Rafik Gerges, HSA & Associates

The present paper deals with the behaviour of non-linear T.M.D.’s subject to random Gaussian excitation. Attention is limited to two simple non-linear forms that occur...

26 February 2001

Earthquakes and Tall Buildings – a Review

Graham L. Hutchinson & Nelson T. K. Lam, University of Melbourne; John L. Wilson, Swinburne University of Technology

This paper has provided an overview of both the philosophy and methods used in the design and analysis of building structures to earthquake ground shaking....

26 February 2001

Social/Community Impacts and Implications

Paul Jerome, Department of Infrastructure Victoria

For cities in many parts of the world, the dominant issues for the 21st century arise from continued urbanisation and the difficulties of providing basic...

26 February 2001

Structural Standards Globalization – An Asia Pacific Perspective

Len K. Stevens, University of Melbourne

The recent growth of international interaction in communications and particularly in information technology has made it imperative to move rapidly towards much greater levels of...