20 October 2003

Vulnerability Assessment of Concrete Tall Buildings Subjected to Extreme Loading Conditions

Tuan Ngo, Priyan Mendis & Gideon Hadi Kusuma, University of Melbourne

This paper presents a vulnerability/survivability assessment procedure based on the analysis of a typical tall building in Australia. The structural stability and integrity of the...

20 October 2003

Design of Structures for Fire in the Australian Regulatory Environment and the Impact of the WTC Collapse

David Proe, Peter Johnson & Richard Hough, ARUP

This paper summarizes the regulations and design methods applicable to the fire design of high-rise structures in Australia and discusses the effect of the WTC...

26 February 2001

Recent Applications of Damping Systems for Wind Response

Peter Irwin & Brian Breukelman, RWDI

A traditional solution to the problem of excessive motion of tall buildings under wind action is to add more structure so as to stiffen the...

26 February 2001

The Sustainable Tall Building of the Third Millennium

Harry Blutstein & Allan Rodger, RMIT University

The paper explores issues that will need to be resolved for a successful sustainable tall building of the Third Millennium. This will not just incorporate...

26 February 2001

Aerodynamic Solutions to Minimize the Wind-Induced Dynamic Response of Tall Buildings

W. H. Melbourne and J. C. K. Cheung

This paper gives guidelines to the way in which the shape or configuration of a building may be directed to achieve reductions in the cross-wind...

26 February 2001

A Report on Oceania

Henry J. Cowan, University of Sydney

Until the mid-19th century few buildings in Australia were higher than two storeys. This changed after the Gold Rush of 1851. By 1880 the population...