16 October 2005

126 Phillip Street, Sydney

Rocco Bressi, Bovis Lend Lease

126 Phillip Street is a super premium office tower containing 31 commercial levels, newly completed on the corner of Phillip and Hunter streets in Sydney....

16 October 2005

Two Examples of Urban Renewal: Melbourne and Coolangatta, Australia

Omiros Emmanouilides, Omiros One Architecture

The proposed paper will examine and compare two recent and totally different examples of urban renewal in these two Australian cities. The area to be...

01 March 2005

Too Little, Too Late?

Chris Abel, University of Sydney

Chris Abel writes for the Architectural Review Australia on the idealization to the detached, single-family home.

07 July 2004

Birth of a Cybernetic Factory

Chris Abel, University of Sydney

Chris Abel writes on technology and its use in making the cladding systems of several buildings.

20 October 2003

Will Occupants of Tall Buildings Obey Instructions from Wardens in Staged Evacuations? - The Design Dilemma Post September 11

David Barber, Arup Fire; Rudy Van Merkestein, Mckenzie Group

This paper is a review of various building code prescriptive requirements shows that staged evacuation is the normal evacuation method for tall buildings. A survey...

20 October 2003

An Assessment of Australian Preparedness for Tall Building Usage in a New Risk Regime

Alan P. Jeary, University of Western Sydney

This paper is an assessment of the current state of readiness of Australia to combat terrorist attacks on large occupancy buildings has been assessed in...