03 March 2008

Developing Habitable Wind Environments

Tony Rofail, Windtech Consultants Pty Ltd.

This paper first discusses different comfort criteria for the assessment of wind environments and how they relate to field observations. The importance of the inclusion...

03 March 2008

Noise and Vibration Sources and Mitigation in Green Buildings

Peter Swift & Matthew Stead, Basset Acoustics

This paper briefly reviews approaches to achieving improved noise transmission loss performance across facades and identifying and mitigating the effects of noise and vibration sources...

03 March 2008

Noise In High Rise Buildings

Ross Palmer, Palmer Acoustics

In addressing issues there are basic principles that should be applied to ensure that noise does not become a major issue (eg do not locate...

16 October 2007

Advances in the Structural Design of High-Rise Residential Buildings in Australia

Owen Martin, Connell Mott MacDonald

This paper examines developments in the structural design of high rise concrete residential buildings in Australia’s two major cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Reference is made...

01 July 2006

High Rise and Genius Loci

Chris Abel, Architectural Writer & Teacher

Beginning in the 1980s, tall buildings represent a growing and increasingly important part of the Foster oeuvre, including many of the studio’s iconic designs.

16 October 2005

The Effect of Tall Building Base Opening Geometry on Wind Loads and Local Flow Structures

Seifu A. Bekele, Vipac Engineers & Scientists

This study focuses on the relation between the shape and size of openings through the base of a tall building, wind loads, and local flow...